How to Choose a Defense Attorney

Once you decide to hire a defense attorney, do not rush to hire one. Take your time because it is hard to select the right attorney. Hire a trustworthy and reputable attorney, especially if you are facing a serious charge. If you are facing a minor charge, you can consult with a lawyer before your trial.

Here is how to choose the right defense lawyer.

1. Use Reputable Sources

Select a defense lawyer from a reputable source. Start with the internet. Look for reputable law firms online. They have the best lawyers. The best law firms have several years of experience and they have a good history. Contact these firms because they can recommend an attorney who will meet your needs.

Secondly, most attorneys are members of professional organizations. Find out if there are criminal defense lawyer organizations in your state or city. Call the organizations in your city. Some of these organizations provide referral services and they have online directories. They can help you find the right defense attorney.

2. The Cost of Hiring the Attorney

What is the cost of hiring the attorney? The cost of hiring an attorney depends on your case. Most attorneys ask for a retainer, especially if the defense will bring in an expert witness. Lawyers charge for their work in different ways. For example, some lawyers charge hourly rates, flat fees, and some charge fees for specific parts of your case.

Hourly rates are affordable. However, they are unpredictable because it is hard to predict how long the case will take. Know how the attorney charge for his or her work. Then, pick an affordable attorney. If you are paying hourly and cannot continue paying the attorney, the attorney will leave your case incomplete.

These are the best ways of choosing a defense attorney. Choose an attorney who has a good reputation and has affordable rates.

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