An Eviction Attorney Can Help You

Evicting tenants isn’t any fun. It’s something you don’t look forward to doing as a landlord and hope that you don’t have to of course. If you find yourself in a situation where you do need to work towards evicting a tenant, however, it is time to put your game face on. You need to know the laws surrounding the eviction process and what is expected of you. If necessary, you can always count on the services of an eviction attorney Spring TX.

Did you know that in Texas, there is only a three-day notice that is required for eviction? That doesn’t sound like a lot of time at all. It sounds like that the owner of the property definitely has the advantage in Texas. That being said, you need to be aware that tenants are able to count on the services of an eviction attorney in Spring TX, too. Do they have a case against you?

eviction attorney Spring TX

What was the reason for the eviction? Maybe it has to do with a failure to pay rent. That is a common reason for sure. Then you have reasons for eviction that deal with violating a lease agreement in a different way. I will never forget the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to my first apartment. There had been a couple of noise complaints, and I guess you could say I was on thin ice.

I had also not always been paying rent on time. When my mom and sister visited with a dog, my landlord had enough. Now, it wasn’t my mom or sister’s fault because as I mentioned, I was on my last leg with the landlord. Not to mention, the simple pet visit, by a disabled dog mind you, wasn’t that big of a deal.

I probably could have fought the eviction, but then think about all of the other things I told you. As a landlord, do you keep good records? If a tenant does breaks a rule or does something you don’t like, make note of it. It might not be anything you want to evict the tenant for, but what about later on down the road? You want to be prepared and always make the right moves to protect that property investment. If at any time you feel like you are in over your head and need some help when it comes to an eviction, an attorney can help you out.